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Worth Repeating
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    Drama and theater arts had the eighth lowest unemployment rate among recent graduates ... Who knew?

    Said: Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce in "Hard Times: College Majors, Unemployment and Earning"
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    "If a common thread can be found within nearly all recent nature writing, it seems to be despair over an unraveling world."

    Said: Douglas Carlson in The Georgia Review, Fall 2013 edition
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    Odd how the body seems to carry the years on its back. Piled up, one upon another, an increasing heaviness. Yet some people carry theirs lightly.

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    "...the arts have an undeniable place in the ethos and the spirit of America. And if the inauguration was any indication, we have done a good job of making that so. But we aren’t there yet."

    Said: Robert Lynch in Americans for the Arts ARTSblog
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    As a film studies professor in the department of Theatre and Film Studies, one of the first things I hope to teach students is to take the role of culture seriously and to avoid thinking of the arts as an extraneous “entertainment” not fundamentally connected to social discourse, political engagement or economic practices.

    Said: Antje Ascheid, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts in UGA Today
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    Music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives ...  a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we can't with our minds.

    Said: Karl Paulnack, director of the Music Division in The Boston Conservatory
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    "The arts are different than other subjects; this is what fosters innovative, creative, and critical thinkers. The Common Core opens a door for leadership, an opportunity for the best arts educators to model what teaching and learning should look like across the curriculum…are we ready for the challenge?"

    Said: Sarah Zuckerman in Americans for the Arts ARTSblog
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    “It is in the best interest of every business – no matter its size – to support the arts. Beyond their intrinsic value, the arts add to the economic vitality and quality of life of our communities. They also unleash creative ideas in and out of the workplace, foster dialogues and increase understanding among people.”

    Said: Henry W. Bloch, Honorary Chairman and Co-founder, H&R Block, Inc. in The Partnership Movement
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    The arts transform the lives of tens of thousands everyday – both young and old. The arts are the way in which we express ourselves, and the lives we live, to those both close and afar. And, in a day and age when the divisions between us only seem to be growing more distinct, and many make it their business to enhance and embolden those differences, the arts stand as a powerful unifying force that bind us together and stands as an expression of our shared humanity.

    Said: Aaron Dworkin in The Sphinx Organization
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    If you’ve ever received a letter-pressed invitation or handled a book printed and bound by hand, you may be familiar with the unique type of love that Smokey Road Press brings to each of its projects. Fronted by former UGA professor and artist Margot Ecke (whose work is collected nationally and has been featured by Martha Stewart), Smokey Road is one of the newest additions to a thriving and growing print community right here in Athens. In January of 2013, Ecke will relocate her top-notch shop into the Leathers building on Pulaski Street, where Smokey Road will begin operations as a print and design studio, as well as a community center for letterpress and bookbinding courses. Ecke’s ambitious business model includes the production and editioning of artist prints, a residency program with an international scope, and a rotating cast of local and visiting artists who will serve as instructors in the studio.

    A fine art press based in Georgia is a gap in great need of filling since the unfortunate closing of Nexus Press in 2003, and Margot—who comes to the project with a wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm—is just the lady to pull it off. Smokey Road is currently in the process of some guerrilla fundraising through Kickstarter, and I highly recommend any and all interested parties (this means you!) to check out her project and dig deep for support.

    Said: Brian Hitselberger in Art Notes: Flagpole
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