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UGA alumna Heather McIntosh accepted as film composer for 2013 Sundance Institute

Hodgson School grad lands Sundance Institute fellowship

Hugh Hodgson School of Music alumna Heather McIntosh was recently selected for a Sundance Institute Film Composers fellowship, an honor that secures her a place at the 2013 Sundance Institute Music and Sound Design Labs.  The event, a joint effort between Sundance and Skywalker Sound, will pair McIntosh with a filmmaker for two weeks of intensive collaboration.

"I was elated when I found out I was selected," McIntosh said. "I jumped around the house hooting and hollering, I think I even sang a bit of the Hallelujah chorus… all while still on the phone with the director of the Sundance Film Music Program. I made sure to apologize afterwards."

McIntosh, who had submitted to the program several times in the past, is still waiting to be paired with her filmmaker. In the meantime, she is busy scoring a horror-thriller film, an endeavor that promises to "push her writing and explore her love of 20th century music and musique concrete."

When asked about her fondest memory of the Hodgson School, McIntosh is hard-pressed to name a favorite.

"There are a so many," she said.  "Participating in the George Crumb masterclass was a big one. It was such an honor to have one of my piano compositions performed for him and critiqued.  Working in the electronic labs at the Roger and Phyllis Dancz Center for New Music was special as well.  I'll also never forget seeing the many performances of the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble conducted by Dr. Nielson. Seeing and hearing the works of Schoenberg, Verese, Crumb, and Gubiadulina—to name a few—performed live taught me so much about ensemble, color and the adventure of live music performance."

Heather McIntosh is a cellist, bassist and composer who got her musical start playing with the Elephant 6 collective in Athens, Georgia and continued on to perform with artists such as Gnarls Barkley and Lil Wayne. Recently relocated to Los Angeles, her film credits include Compliance by Craig Zobel and The Rambler by Calvin Lee Reeder. Heather graduated from Hugh Hodgson School of Music in 2000 and studied with Dr. Leonard Ball, Dr. Lewis Nielson, and Dr. David Starkweather.

"I love the process of collaboration involved in scoring films," she said. "I've always loved working with an ensemble, whether it's playing with a rock band, experimental improvisation, or traditional chamber music. Working with a director is another extension of that."