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About UGA Arts

4 minutes, 33 seconds: Spotlight on Scholarship in the Arts

This competition highlights scholarly research by UGA students about any art form or combination of art forms, including (but not restricted to): visual art, music, theatre, dance, film, literature, media arts, performance art, or arts education. The focus of this competition is not on original works of art created by the students, but on historical, theoretical, and critical research about art.

This competition provides an opportunity for students to present their research in a clear and compelling way to other students, faculty and administrators throughout the university. Students may present their research in two ways:

4’33” Thesis Presentations:
This competition is open to UGA graduate students in any department. Students will present an oral presentation about their research, no longer than four minutes and thirty-three seconds in length, accompanied by Powerpoint slides. (Note that the media should be used to support and illustrate the live presentation, not as a substitute for it.)

Poster Exhibit:
This competition is open to UGA graduate students in any department as well as undergraduate students working on CURO projects. Students will be provided with a 4’ x 4’ area (half of a 4’ x 8’ table) to present their research. The exhibits will typically consist of a poster-board displays and/or a laptop presentation (students must provide their own laptops), but can include other visual aids. If the exhibit includes audio, headphone must be provided. (Note that presentations must be self-powered; power outlets will not be available.)

The winner of the 4’33” Thesis competition will receive $433, and a prize of $144.33 each will be awarded to the top three Poster Exhibits. A panel of distinguished faculty from disciplines both within and outside the arts will judge the competitions.

When and Where:
November 4, Fine Arts Building. The Poster Exhibits will be on display in the Fine Arts Lobby between 2:30 and 4 pm. The 4’33” Thesis Competition will take place in the Balcony Theatre (room 400) from 4 p.m.

Submission Deadline: October 10, 5:00 pm. Please click here to enter.
NOTE: Deadline extended to October 17

Please contact Camie Williams at camiew@uga.edu with any questions.